How to become a succesful forex trader

Forex trading is exciting, but it is also complex. There is so much information available you don’t even know where to start.
While you are trying to find the information needed to start trading forex. You come across many people who are making decent profits.
Some even tell you their strategy, why not just copy a strategy? If it works for someone else why wouldn’t it work for you?
I did this and guess what? It worked for me, I made a profit and decided to throw in more money to make bigger profits.


A few weeks later I turned my $2000 into $10.000.
Wow! This is awesome, I really thought I was on the right path.

But as you might already guess, it didn’t take long before all my profits were gone.
To make it worse I even burned my initial investment, by making emotional trades trying to gain back my profits.

It turned out my profits were more luck than successful trading. Now I was back where I started not knowing what to do.
But after the profits I made, I knew I wanted more.


This was all a few years ago. Now I know how to be profitable trading forex.
It all starts with the right foundations. You have to crawl before you walk.
I had to learn all the basics of forex. After all these years I compiled a course to teach you the foundation you need to become profitable in forex trading.

The benefits of the course

  • Learn the foundation of forex trading at your own pace

  • Tailored to traders of all skillset and experience, from new to veteran traders

  • Learn how to manage your investment risk

  • All the information you need in one place

  • Free course updates

  • Free access to private facebook group to connect with other and like-minded traders

  • Learn to create your own profitable system and analyse other systems

  • No monthly fee

Forex Trading Fundamentals Course

The Ultimate Introduction To Successful Forex Trading

As I said I’ve created a course to teach you the foundations of forex trading. The topics covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to Forex Trading, the Primer Before Starting

    A primer to make sure you understand what forex is and how the forex market works. This lecture will learn you how the market works. How to read forex quotes and what pips are.

  • The Importance of a Trading Plan

    Before you even start to trade you need a solid trading plan. Learn how to make one.

  • Risk, What is It?

    If you can’t manage your risk you are setting yourself up for failure. So you need to know about risk management. And how to use tools like stop loss.

  • Discover the Relationship between Price Action & Supply and Demand

    Like every market forex is driven by supply and demand. This makes you understand how the market moves, how to identify trends and you get an introduction to candlesticks.

  • Trading Support and Resistance, the Ying and Yang in Forex

    Support and Resistance are important levels in forex trading. This lecture will teach you how you can use them when trading.

  • The Traders Toolkit: Technical Indicators

    Technical indicators are the most used tools by traders. Learn how moving averages, oscillators, Bollinger bands etc. work and how to use them when trading.

  • Japanese Candlesticks

    You probably already saw candlesticks on a chart but what do they mean. And which patterns can you expect to see on a chart.

  • Intermediate Risk Management

    Time to get more technical about risk management

  • What You Need to Know Before Framing the Market

    Learn how to use timeframes and get the bigger picture of the forex market.

  • How to avoid Bad Habits

    Learn how to avoid bad habits

  • Insights Into Chart Patterns

    Learn how to identify and interpret chart patterns.

  • Leap Forward with Advanced Technicals

    A few more advanced technical analysis strategies.

  • Understanding the economic fundamentals

    An introduction to fundamental analyses.

What people say about the course

  • Did tons of research, went through countless sites and youtube channels and took this course. I was very impressed concepts are explained

  • It’s very good for trading but what makes the course even better is that is very straightforward and the content is very relevant.

  • Definitely a must. If you want to build a solid foundation of your trading ability.

This course is now available for only $97. Head over to our academy to see the full course curriculum and get a preview on a few lectures.